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What’s Transgiving?

Transgiving is… Trans + Thanksgiving = Transgiving

What does Transgiving do?

Transgiving highlights the importance of celebrating the trans community, especially in the holiday season. Transgiving connects trans folks and allies around a dinner table to enjoy good food and each other's company on Thanksgiving Day. 

Thanksgiving Pumpkins

Want to learn more?

Read our FAQ's to find out how to volunteer, the dress code, our sponsors, and more!


As we gather on Transgiving, we acknowledge that we do so on the ancestral lands of the Osage, Missouri, and Illinai people, who were removed unjustly.

Want to attend?


Contact us

Transgiving Hours

St. Mark's ELCA

6337 Clayton Rd

Saint Louis, MO 63117

United States


Doors Open:

10:00 am

Refreshments Start:

10:00 am

Transgiving Lunch


Doors Close:

8:00 pm

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